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We partner with and advise startups, established SMEs, large enterprises and charities of all sizes on the improvement, automation, selection and implementation of core applications from front-end sales & marketing, accounting & finance, and back-end operational systems.

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  • streamlined business process automation

  • QR code & NFC packaging & product marketing

  • cashless charity donation points

  • convert products and packaging into payment points

  • pub & restaurant Covid-19 Check-In Solution

  • expert IT Strategy, Project Management & Implementation services

QR Code packaging, labelling & printing Solutions

QR Code for packaging solutions

Solving the problems of while being ready for tomorrow.
For direct to consumer brands, retailers and hospitality businesses - quick start solution for all organisation sizes and sectors.

Adding QR code and NFC code engagement with your customers and donors increases response, donation and signup rates.
The following videos show how it works for different use cases.

Touch free commerce

App-free mobile-optimised solutions to increase engagement and strengthen customer satisfaction, effortlessly transforming any physical marketing asset into an instant, touch-free point of engagement.

NFC iPhone and Android

Unlock smartphone experiences using technology on your iPhone or Android

QR code scanning on Android

Use frictionless smartphone technology, such as QR codes, to help drive improved forms of consumer engagement that are fit for a digital, cashless, and COVID-19 world.

QR code scanning on iPhone

Scan a QR code with an iPhone

Cashless Charitable Donations

cashless charitable donations by QR code

Thyngs joined forces with Children in Need to open up cashless donation options. Obtain donations safely at every opportunity whether at events, on objects or packaging. We offer the UK's leading charitable cashless donation solution.

Pub Check-In Automated Solution

pints of beer for pub check-in software

Check-In Customers Effectively, Touch-Free, Safe & GDPR Compliant, also increasing customer marketing opt-in.
More information on our quick-start pub check-in software

Process Automation

Rocket boost your process automation

In our digitally and Covid-19 disrupted economy, differentiation is characterised by agility, efficiency, convenience and safety.

We are passionate about process improvement and our expertise in this area runs deep.

We work with the best global cloud automation software and provide consulting services and project management to design and implement them.

Simple solutions will often be the best solutions.

“Automation is cost cutting by tightening the corners and not cutting them.”
– Haresh Sippy

automation symbols signifying process automation

Arrange a free 30 minute Process Automation discovery call with a consultant

Project Management

NoCode Project Management

We have successfully managed projects ranging from large scale ERP rollouts and data migrations from legacy systems, through to small integrations of NoCode software into existing applications.
We work remotely, are professional and collaborative with you and/or your teams in our approach, and our project management methodology and tools give you full real-time visibility of progress along the way to a successful implementation.

IT Strategy

contact flowmaxd

IT strategy is now often at the heart of business strategy.
We will work with you and/or your leadership team to develop an IT strategy that considers your current 'as is' IT assets and processes, creating a strategy and roadmap that will take you 'future state' with IT systems that work hard to support your business goals.
We are not a managed services support company so we are in a position to provide an independent view on your IT systems and applications.

Software Tools

We use and recommend the following software tools.

ProductWhat does it do?
WebflowVersatile and comprehensive no-code website builder providing integrated hosting and CMS. A competitor to wordpress and it has favour in many quarters due to it's powerful design features and integrated hosting. Can be used for a full website or as a standalone blog on a subdomain that you can integrate with page builders such as carrd.
ConvertKitEmail marketing for online creators and marketers, think mailchimp but much better! Marketing automation and engagement.
AirtableThink excel and think database, combine the two and add amazing automation and this is an incredibly flexible tool that can sit behind your automated processes, allowing data to be processed and updated between different applications seamlessly.
CarrdWebsite builder for simple, responsive, one-page sites. Great for personal profiles, portfolios or landing pages. Pro plans include integration to automations and widgets for more complex sites. The use of carrd sections allows for multiple pages to be created.
TypeformIncredible forms to embed in your website, emails and landing pages. Offers a simple clear interface and gives great design, logic and creative possibilities.
BubbleWeb App builder that can accessed in a browser on computer or mobile devices. Uses a powerful editor making and by combining different data and logic simple or very poweful apps can be made and published
ZapierAn automated, online task management program that allows you to create automated workflow between different tasks and apps.
IntegromatA tool that allows you to automate manual processes, without code, ‘the glue of the internet’, connecting apps and services.

FlowMaxd Blog

Project Case Studies

Hanson / Heidelberg Cement

+ project managed key transformation for the UK cement division.
+ user acceptance testing management
+ cut-over go-live management
+ sign on glass driver and stock management automation

AMP Clean Energy

+ system strategy definition
+ migration from legacy ERP to new ERP for newly acquired groupco
+ implementation and change management for optimised automated logistics and delivery management system
+ improved customer journey from order to invoice

Chemring Technology Solutions

+ led transformation project to include online sales to invoice, purchase to pay and project reporting
+ analysed as-is process and software stack
+ defined new software requirements
+ managed implementation

Greenwich School of Management

+ project managed ERP upgrade
+ managed development of integration to student record system
+ trained finance and student services team

About flowmaxd

working in partnership - remotely, globally and locally

The world is changing quickly and this creates opportunity for startups, established SMEs, Charities & larger businesses who want to adapt.Founded and led by Matt Wood a highly experienced IT consultant with many years experience of leading business transformation projects. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter! We offer expertise gained at the coal face of IT, business management and project management, supported by academic qualifications in Information Systems and Business & Finance (CIMA/ACMA/CGMA).We like research, we use it to identify the best process automation and implementation tools available to apply across most business sectors and process areas.Our Remote Quick Start methodology to make the process of discovery and implementation quick and efficient.We work with great software and we don't work with anything that we wouldn't use ourselves.the list of the automation software we work includes zapier, webflow, integromat, codeless platforms, bubble, carrd,airtable and the google and microsoft ecosystems. We integrate with ERP and accounting systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Access Dimensions, NetSuite, Xero, sage, quickbooks.Our objective is always the equip your business or charity to profitably and efficiently benefit from opportunities as they arise. This is either through implementation of automation, or by creating a strategic IT road-map for you.

Flowmaxd are based in Dartmoor National Park

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